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LITTERall 28

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Le corps dans son animalité, la publicité, les miroitements sensoriels de la mémoire, la pulsation du jazz face aux ruines de la guerre, la déambulation entre écriture, gagnant du loto et paysages américains, l’addiction et le capitalisme, la physique nucléaire, la vie à l’usine, le mot, la chose et comment les restituer par la traduction [...]

LITTERall 27

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This is an atlas of a special kind. Consisting of seven voices from contemporary literature, a map of the Pacific Ocean and facsimiles from the Swiss police immigration office, this atlas is more than surprising. What is this mix of genres all about ?

LITTERall 26

revue litterall

LITTERall's 26th issue is composed of nine texts and two drawings. Just as many ways to go further and discover singular voices. It particularly focuses on two countries, Germany and Romania, and even more so on the passageway between these two territories.


The archives are the intellectual property of Les Amis du Roi des Aulnes.

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